Moisture Management in Buildings
ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.12

Meetings Information

Virtual Summer Meeting, June 2021

Meeting Schedule & Agenda -- DRAFT –
Friday, June 18 2021, 1:00 PM-  3:00 PM EST
Meeting Agenda
1. Call to order and reading of the title & scope of TC 1.12 (1:00 PM) – Florian Antretter
2. Self-introduction of members and guests
3. Roll call/committee membership – Diana Fisler, Membership Chair (1:05 PM)
4. Review Agenda
5. Approval of minutes from Virtual Winter 2021 meeting
6. Chairman’s report – Florian Antretter
7. Section Head report – TBC
8. Research – Wahid Maref, Subcommittee Chair (1:15 PM)
    a. Update on PMS 1844
    b. Update on brainstorming sessions for future of TC 1.12 research scope
9. Handbook – Simon Pallin, Subcommittee Chair (1:30 PM)
    a. Update on Handbook work group – Fundamentals (Chapter 36) and HVAC Applications (Chapter 64)
10. Program – David Finley (1:45 PM)
    a. Summer 2021 programs of interest
    b. Proposed presentations for Vegas/Winter 2022
    c. Brainstorm programs and deadlines for future conference submissions
11. Standards and Guidelines – Don Snell (2:00 PM)
    a. Update on review of ISO 22185-1 “Diagnosing moisture damage in buildings and implementing countermeasures”
12. Special Publications/Additional Updates – Lew Harriman (2:15 PM)
    a. Update on SPC 90.1 regarding energy-efficient compliance with the new interior dewpoint requirement
    b. Update on Position Document Revision Committee for the mold position document
13. Old Business
14. New Business
15. Presentation – Fabio Clavijo on HVAC Design Guide in Tropical Equatorial Region (2:30 PM)
16. Adjourn (3:00 PM)
Next meeting: 2022 ASHRAE Winter Conference – Currently Las Vegas, NV, January 29-February 2, 2022

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